Founding of Planteam Schwarz

In 1997 the vision of Planteam Schwarz as an independent company became reality. The beginning of a long friendship, proceeding with the confidence that has bonded the team ever since.


Introduction of the BIM methodology

Integrated planning requires three-dimensional knowledge. This was the motto which accompanied the introduction of BIM methods to Planteam in 2013.


Introduction of digital structures

The company’s next aspiration as its perspective shifted and grew was the digitisation of data and information connected with the planning process.


Development of in-house software

The ongoing advances in digitisation necessitated programs which were developed in-house.


Formation of the succession plan

Processes for change belong to business development; succession planning and change management are part and parcel of this.


Founding of InnoVision and its subsidiary companies

The development of the business and its different visions are the foundation for future innovation.